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The difference of International School Saigon Pearl in early childhood education

The lesson was built on the Reggio Emilia method, giving children a free space to explore, express opinions, explore and solve problems.

One afternoon at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP), a high quality and prestigious international school Ho Chi Minh City, two students found a caterpillar, which two other students assumed was a worm or a snake. To find out what kind of creature it was, ISSP’s preschool teacher Lanie Nacario led students to put caterpillars in a jar with a leaf. The next day, the class looked at the animal again, and looked at books about caterpillars, snakes, and worms to tell the difference between the species. Next, students will describe what they have seen about the caterpillar in a variety of ways, such as painting, verbally or describing the caterpillar’s movement.

It was one of the lessons built on the Reggio Emilia method of education at ISSP. According to Ms. Alpha Butil – Head of Kindergarten at International School Saigon Pearl, through the lesson, children can observe and learn about the growth process of caterpillars with knowledge about other animals, and at the same time have the opportunity to create new ideas. build on that knowledge.

Educational philosophy Reggio Emilia

Researched and developed by Italian psychologist Loris Malaguzzi in the late 1970s, the Reggio Emilia method is an educational philosophy applied to preschool children. The biggest goal of this philosophy is to comprehensively educate children in soft skills, development orientation and creativity right from the first years of life.

With this method, ISSP aims to give children a free space to explore, explore and solve problems. Ms. Alpha Butil said that the Reggio Emilia method is applied to children from 18 months to 4 years old.

“At ISSP, the student is the center of the teaching and learning process, the teacher is the supporter and companion, and the learning and living environment is the child’s third teacher,” added Ms. Alpha Butil.

With the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, ISSP takes the student as the center of teaching and learning, and the teacher as the facilitator and guide.
With the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, ISSP takes the student as the center of teaching and learning, and the teacher as the facilitator and guide. (Source: Internet)

Evaluating this educational method, Ms. Tiffany Proctor – Vice Principal of International School Saigon Pearl said that the Reggio Emilia method focuses on teamwork skills, the spirit of collaboration among students, and at the same time allows children to be independent by giving ideas, creativity.

The school also focuses on open learning spaces, building a display of different learning materials, allowing students to freely explore and experience. Children not only interact with the materials, but also with many other members of the classroom.

Taking children as the center of education

In addition to core values, the teachers and educators at ISSP also personalize the curriculum by drawing on students’ abilities, interests and understanding to design lessons and learning activities and exercises suitable for each student.

Specifically, with the goal of “taking children as the center of education”, ISSP aims to form children’s sense of self-study through self-observation, experimentation and self-expression. Children will be involved in gardening activities, planting trees, plowing the soil, watering, etc. thereby helping to develop physical and love for plants.

The school also organizes for children to practice sculpting, painting, writing, telling stories, practicing communicating with people around, gradually forming critical thinking from an early age.

Preschool children at ISSP are able to participate in many outdoor activities.
Preschool children at ISSP are able to participate in many outdoor activities. (Source: Internet)

“This awareness will follow children throughout their lives, helping children in their future lives. Children have the opportunity to express themselves with their inherent abilities and creativity without being forced into a rigid boring framework” said Alpha Butil.

International School Saigon Pearl also focuses on recruiting highly qualified teachers with international qualifications to accompany and guide children. The school regularly organizes a series of events to connect parents and students. Prominent among them is International Week, where both parents and children can march together under their national flags, or Book Week, where parents and children meet famous authors. ISSP also organizes small courses to help parents better support their children at home, bonding and becoming a natural companion for their children.

In order to create an open learning environment for children, ISSP said that it has invested in facilities to meet the open learning environment so that children can access and acquire knowledge and skills quickly and easily. The classrooms at ISSP are spacious, airy, spacious, creative, and ensure the safety of children.

ISSP also has modern information technology infrastructure, allowing children to study freely and comfortably. Along with that, there are amusement parks, gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports fields for children to entertain and exercise.

“Each person’s result is heavily influenced by early childhood developmental milestones. That’s why, at ISSP, children’s voices are heard and respected. This helps us create a learning experience authentic practice and a meaningful learning environment, so that students can thrive both at school and in the future,” added Ms. Alpha Butil.

Source: https://www.issp.edu.vn/international-schools-ho-chi-minh-city


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