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Helping preschool and primary school students regain their balance when returning to school

Not being able to connect with friends, worrying about not being able to keep up with schoolwork, not being able to adapt to school activities, etc. are problems that many students of preschool and primary school age are facing when going back to school directly.

If these problems are not solved, plus the pressure of studying, they will significantly affect the mental health of the children. Here are some useful tips from ISSP, the high quality and prestigious international school of Ho Chi Minh City, parents can refer to to help their children regain balance.

Helping preschool and primary school students regain their balance when returning to school
Helping preschool and primary school students regain their balance when returning to school (Source: Internet)

Recognizing unusual emotions

Going back to school, some students will be worried, excited, but others will be quite the opposite. Children will be prone to abnormal symptoms such as eating less, sleeping more, limiting communication with people, being irritable, refusing to go to school, etc.

According to psychologists, these are manifestations of prolonged anxiety and fear, causing the body to malfunction and fall into a frozen state. If not overcome soon, it will lead to energy loss, loss of concentration and worse, cognitive decline.

Sharing about this issue, Ms. Kristin Wegner – advisor, student support coordinator and head of the school safety department at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, said in a few days. When going back to school, instead of focusing on subject knowledge, the mental health of students should come first.

“This is also a priority for ISSP at this time. What matters most to us is not the academic results but the enthusiasm of our students when they come to school.”

We encourage parents to regularly communicate with teachers to quickly grasp abnormalities in children’s behavior and emotions, thereby discussing together how to help children overcome barriers. mentality.”

Ms. Kristin adds, empathy and listening at this stage is the best method to help children soothe.

Parents and teachers need to be patient when children ask questions, or vice versa, if children do not want to connect, parents and teachers can start with simple questions such as “How do you feel today?”, “What do you most want to do after school?”, “What makes you happiest and what makes you saddest?”, etc.

These things will create a sense of security, trust, and when they feel safe, they will actively connect with the person who makes them feel that way.

In case they still can’t connect with their children by any means, many experts also recommend that parents consult a specialized department at the school or a psychologist to find a way to help their child deal with the problem, radiate psychology and regain the best balance.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle

Proper living, eating, and sleeping modes are the key factors for students to have a good spirit when going back to school, which is the advice that parents need to pay attention to for children to go to bed on time, exercise regularly. sports, eat nutritious meals, add lots of green vegetables and fruits to the daily menu.

In addition, children should be kept away from electronic devices, because exposure to these devices for a long time will lead to memory and concentration impairment.

In particular, parents and teachers should guide children to practice diaphragmatic breathing every day. This method in addition to helping children improve concentration. Besides that whenever children encounter difficult and stressful situations, just breathing evenly, their heart rate will be regulated and children will not fall into a state of anxiety. excessive settling.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle
Establishing a healthy lifestyle (Source: Internet)

As for Kristin Wegner – counselor, student support coordinator and head of school safety at ISSP, she thinks that this time parents and families should be more proactive in connecting with their children.

Parents can exercise with their children every morning, go for a walk in the park after school, organize family parties on the weekend, etc. This connection will help children feel comfortable, confident and proactive. Be more open when you want to share about an issue that makes children confused.

Combining fun playing and learning

Preschool and primary school children are often attracted to interesting things. Therefore, the first time children return to school, they should not set too many learning goals for them, instead let them experience subjects that are good for the spirit such as music, art, and making toys, crafts, etc. so that children feel that going back to school, away from the family’s arms is not something that is too stressful.

Combining fun playing and learning
Combining fun playing and learning (Source: Internet)

In addition, after a long time of studying online at home, the concentration of children also decreases more or less. Therefore, some brain stimulating games such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, story telling, puzzle solving, etc. will be very good for children at this time.

At home, parents can also join children in challenges such as sitting in a chair and not moving to see how long the child can do it. Many studies have shown that repeated games like this improve the connection between the body and the mind, thereby improving the concentration of children.

With focus, it is easier to go back to school directly with the child and this is also an important factor in supporting the child’s development in the future.

Sharing more on this issue, Ms. Kristin Wegner emphasized that praise and rewards are extremely important when parents and teachers join children in challenges, which will help children be excited and actively participate in learning later.

The reward doesn’t have to be a specific gift the child loves. It can also be the promise of less daily subject work, or longer breaks, etc.

Source: https://www.issp.edu.vn/international-schools-ho-chi-minh-city


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